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Shortcut - the Shortcut to your Clients

SHORTCUT is a specialized Software development and implementation company, particularly in Human Resources and Telco's areas. It is also known for achieving high results in processes optimization and innovation. Shortcut answers to each challenge with excellence, creativity and innovation. CHALLENGE US

IT Solutions

Your needs, our challenges

Our solutions are designed to accomplish all your business goals in a responsive, integrated, creative, and friendly way


Our expertise at your disposal

.NET, C#, ASP.NET, JAVA, C++, PHP, Android, SQL Sever, Oracle, NoSQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Angular JS, NodeJS, Ajax, UMBRACO, Linked Data

Markets & Areas

Different needs, different options

Human Resources, e-Government, Telecommunications, e-Healthy, Industry, Production and Distribution, e-Marketing

Benefits of Working with Shortcut

Visual & Iterative Prototyping

Accuracy to project scope and objectives. Full compliance with business needs and requirements

IT Experts

Fast access to a certified and expertised It engineers team with high level of experience and commitment

Client Focus

Focus on solving clients' challenges, objectives and needs turning knowledge and skills into added value


High confidentiality and security in every project

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At SHORTCUT we work hard to achieve sustainable results and contribute to our client' success. We pursuit quality by having discipline, good habits and paying attention to detail. We are positive by being enthusiastic and optimistic. Challenge us! We will ensure you will have the right assets to succeed!

Valter Henriques - CEO

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